DSTC™ Course: 2021

Under the auspices of the International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (iatsic.org) and the Trauma Society of South Africa (Traumasa.co.za)

The DSTC™ and DATC™ courses are the world’s largest international trauma courses. Designed by trauma surgeons and anaesthesiologists; the courses are advanced live tissue skills courses, intended to enhance both the trauma decision making skills, teamwork and surgical skills of the participants. DSTC™ is aimed specifically at surgeons and senior trainees who are involved in the management of patients with major trauma, especially where expertise or resources may be limited. The DATC™ course is specifically designed for anaesthesiologists and senior trainees, dealing with the same patient.

The Courses provide advanced training, utilizing cadavers for demonstration and practice of surgical vascular and airway access in the neck and certain thoracic and limb exposures. A live tissue laboratory is used to teach anaesthesia techniques and surgical skills for complex procedures in unstable patients including damage control, liver packing and management of haemorrhage from multiple sites.

The courses offer lectures on techniques of access, surgical and anaesthetic decision making, principles of critical care in trauma, as well as interactive case discussions based on actual cases. Intensive hands-on teaching and team management concepts are an integral part of the

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